WORDS a Top 10 of 2010

“A fine example of avante-garde writing or a brilliant parody of postmodern pastiche?”
–Thomas Baughman

Words is “an awe-expiring cognitive experience. It’s interactive and stimulating, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the infinite possibilities of language.”
— Big Lucks Literary Journal

“I loved it. … so new and fresh and different … an utter, utter joy to read.”
— Nik Perring

Andy Devine is “an invented genius … I am amazed to find myself joyful over the whole thing. … This feels like getting my brain rubbed right through the dura mater. … The book made me bizarrely happy.”
— Dylan Landis

“a kind of life-raft for the literary weary”
–J.A. Tyler

“Devine’s Words has sidestepped the ordinary a few steps further than Beckett’s masterpiece.”
–Emerging Writers Network

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