I’m Quitting Writing To Become A Chimney Sweep!

Even if you are so drawn to the fireplace and even ignore the mess and hassle involved in its operations and maintenance, you will not be able to ignore creosote. Statistics show that accumulation of creosote contributes to a good number of house fires.


Learning how clean a chimney yourself can save you hundred of dollars a year.

Clean a chimney using the right tools and your will be very comfortable cleaning it.

i. Spread tarps around the fireplace to protect the floor around the fireplace, open dampers and completely separate the fireplace from the rest of your living room.

ii. Wear protective eyewear gear and quality dust mask. Get your chimney brushes and sturdy ladder and get up the roof.


iii. Remove all the obstructions that are built on top of your chimney.

iv. Peel a small hole in the seal opening that is positioned over the firebox. Using a smaller-diameter chimney brush, reach through the opening and scrap as much as you can.

v. Peel back the plastic sheeting slowly and deliberately, knowing that stirring up soot may lead to dealing with even a larger mess.

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