Finding True Love On A Dating App (Story)

For a shy person like me, it’s not that common that I initiate a random conversation with a girl that I barley know, which happen that our paths cross every weekend on the coffee house in front of my building.

We had the same habit of having brunch by our self, enjoying the books we read that change titles every month.

If it wasn’t by an app that gives you the opportunity to talk to the encounter’s you missed for a reason or another, in my case by lack of courage, I would never meet the love of my life.

When I saw her profile on one of the best chat room apps I panicked then I gathered myself up and sent her a simple wink, after 8 hours she winked back to me, and that’s how it all began.

dating app We kept texting each other every night, for five weeks, in the mean while I stopped going to my weekend coffeehouse, No first date yet. It appeared that reading wasn’t our only common thing, we both love jogging, and cooking and we both can speak French.

Our first date was for brunch, in the same coffeehouse; things went smoothly we kept talking and lost track of time, It felt like I knew her for a long time ago the connection was extremely strong , two months later she confessed to me that she felt the same thing too on our first date.

Seven months after that her anniversary arrives, I got her a teddy bear, a perfume bottle “black opium” and the nicest diamond ring I could find in the city, and yes I proposed to her on her birthday. She said “OUI”, yes in French, and I couldn’t be happier.

She has been my world; she is the nicest person I know, I am deeply in love with her soul and I can’t imagine my life without her. This Sunday after 18 months since our first date is the big day. Sometimes i find it hard to believe that it’s all started by a simple wink in a dating app.

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