Finding Treasure With Technology!


Treasure hunting has not really taken a different path in the past decade.

This is simply because metal detecting is already exciting as it is.

The only innovations made are on the metal detectors themselves.

Some companies have developed newer and more advanced metal detectors that are made available in the market for the more seasoned artifact or coin collector.

Metal detecting can be really fun and exciting especially if you know the best tricks to get the most out of your detector.


But to start with, you have to find the best detector for you. If you are just starting out on your metal detecting venture, opt for the metal detectors for the novice because it is simple to use and uncomplicated, which is what you initially need. If you have found the metal detector that best suits you, then off you go to your metal hunting adventure.

However, even if you have the correct metal detecting gadget, many of which have been reviewed at, you also have to know where to look.

Dry sand can become one of the best search areas with your detector. Beaches that are frequented by people would be best combed at around 5pm onwards, when most of the people have retired home and the beach is nearly free of frolicking people that may block you from completely combing the whole beach area.

Shallow waters more often than not yield good results.


The reason being people stay more in the shallow portion of the beach because they can actively play there and guard their children at the same time, and the water shrinks the fingers and usually lets their valuables fall into the sandy water where stuff is really hard to recover without metal detector.

Lately, there have been quite a number of treasure hunts that became successful with the use of metal detectors. Lately some old coins were discovered in Somerset, England by just combing the area with a novice detector.

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