Andy Devine’s Ultimate Guide To Electric Razors!


As a work at home writer and journalist I’m the ultimate culprit for going weeks and weeks without shaving.

I often look at myself in the mirror in disgust at how shabby I look due to my unkempt beard!

For a man that is not particularly fussed about his appearance, I must say this is one of my pet hates.

A few months I set myself a new challenge firstly to go out and buy the very best electric razor money could buy and secondly use it on a regular basis!

I can proudly report that I have been keeping up with both!

Instead of sharing pictures of my very shiny, shaved face I thought I’d use my new found shaving knowledge to report on the very best shavers of 2016.


1. Braun series 7 799cc

This electric razor has the best features, first, its head is designed in such a way that it reaches all parts of the face like jaw-line and neck. The blade is also sharp such that it can provide the closest shave and it produces 10,000 micro vibrations per minute that makes it very comfortable.

The current price of this electric razor is: $208 (in Amazon)

2. Braun series 9 9095cc

First the shaver is covered with shiny chrome plastic which makes it cool. Some of the features of this electric razor include; It contains an extra trimmer known as direct and cut which helps to align the hair which grows in different directions then cut them out. It also has an Hyper Lift Trimmer which cuts out flat hairs.

Its price currently in the market is: $293.22 (in Amazon)

3. Panasonic Arc 5

This shaver is folic in nature, it is a Japanese brand and is of the best quality. This shaver has 5 blades which enables it to make the closest shave. It also has an LED panel which keeps the user up to date with the battery life, it comes with a cleaning and charging dock. It is the best electric razor for people with heavy beard.

It price currently on Amazon is; $204.65

4. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

This is a rotary shaver and has three heads which moves in three dimensions: upwards and downwards, tilt and it can also spin. It is a comfortable shaver which sticks on the skin and moves smoothly on the face.

Its price currently on Amazon is: $189.99

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