5 Ways To Save On Electricity Bills Without Turning Off The AC

Summer months can really get uncomfortable especially with the temperatures rising to the 90s.

Most people turn to the air conditioners for the cooling effect but the high electricity bill is a thorn in the flesh.

You are either left to suffer in the heat or dig deeper in your pocket or are you?

Here are the 5 ways to save on electricity bills without turning off the AC

1. Keep the filters clean

According to industry experts Snowman ducted heating installation Melbourne, make a point of cleaning your filters every once a month to avoid dust and sludge to cover them and reduce their effectiveness.

2. Keep the oven off

It may seem obvious but using an oven can increase the temperatures in your room.

3. Avoid putting hot food in the fridge

Stop putting sizzling hot food in the fridge as they may cause the fridge to go into overdrive and your bill to skyrocket.

4. Increase the temperature on the AC to a few degrees

The lower the temperatures of the act, the higher the bills.

5. Seal the window panes and doors

Avoid any openings on the doors and windows to concentrate the cooling effect inside the house.


  • Catharine Jenno (Jenkins) (#)
    October 4th, 2016

    Hi Andy

    Great tips in this article for saving energy, especially for those of us with limited disposable income


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