Finding Treasure With Technology!


Treasure hunting has not really taken a different path in the past decade.

This is simply because metal detecting is already exciting as it is.

The only innovations made are on the metal detectors themselves.

Some companies have developed newer and more advanced metal detectors that are made available in the market for the more seasoned artifact or coin collector.

Metal detecting can be really fun and exciting especially if you know the best tricks to get the most out of your detector.


But to start with, you have to find the best detector for you. If you are just starting out on your metal detecting venture, opt for the metal detectors for the novice because it is simple to use and uncomplicated, which is what you initially need. If you have found the metal detector that best suits you, then off you go to your metal hunting adventure.

However, even if you have the correct metal detecting gadget, many of which have been reviewed at, you also have to know where to look.

Dry sand can become one of the best search areas with your detector. Beaches that are frequented by people would be best combed at around 5pm onwards, when most of the people have retired home and the beach is nearly free of frolicking people that may block you from completely combing the whole beach area.

Shallow waters more often than not yield good results.


The reason being people stay more in the shallow portion of the beach because they can actively play there and guard their children at the same time, and the water shrinks the fingers and usually lets their valuables fall into the sandy water where stuff is really hard to recover without metal detector.

Lately, there have been quite a number of treasure hunts that became successful with the use of metal detectors. Lately some old coins were discovered in Somerset, England by just combing the area with a novice detector.

I’m Quitting Writing To Become A Chimney Sweep!

Even if you are so drawn to the fireplace and even ignore the mess and hassle involved in its operations and maintenance, you will not be able to ignore creosote. Statistics show that accumulation of creosote contributes to a good number of house fires.


Learning how clean a chimney yourself can save you hundred of dollars a year.

Clean a chimney using the right tools and your will be very comfortable cleaning it.

i. Spread tarps around the fireplace to protect the floor around the fireplace, open dampers and completely separate the fireplace from the rest of your living room.

ii. Wear protective eyewear gear and quality dust mask. Get your chimney brushes and sturdy ladder and get up the roof.


iii. Remove all the obstructions that are built on top of your chimney.

iv. Peel a small hole in the seal opening that is positioned over the firebox. Using a smaller-diameter chimney brush, reach through the opening and scrap as much as you can.

v. Peel back the plastic sheeting slowly and deliberately, knowing that stirring up soot may lead to dealing with even a larger mess.

Carpet Cleaning Companies In The Captital


The service provider should have enough expertise and experience to deal with carpet cleaning. Always remember, there’s more to cleaning the carpets than just removing the dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner. These are the tips you should consider while choosing a carpet cleaning service provider:

1. How much they charge

The first step might be comparing the rates of different companies who are dealing with similar services. A service provider should not ask for a price that is either too high or too low. Therefore, it would be best to talk about the services before agreeing upon the cost. With a bit of caution and alertness, you will be able to get the best value for money.

2. Quality of services they provide

Choose a company that provides best services. Select a company like steam cleaning London that offers the most reasonable rates for the services it provides.

3. Customer service

It would be better to have a talk with the service provider personally. Weed out the companies, which do not answer to your calls or messages. Do not make a deal with those companies that are not transparent about their services and dealings. Also, eliminate those that do not have valid registrations and licenses.

4. Testimonials

It is advised that before choosing a company, you should read reviews and comments from customers and clients. Go to a good review site across the Web and read client’s testimonials. If you are unsure about the reputation of the company, do not opt for it.


5. Experience

Learn about the number of years the company has been in the service of carpet cleaning. If possible, find out who are their main clients.

6. Certification

Although not mandatory, it is advisable to check the certifications of the professionals to be sure of their expertise. Apart from asking about the types of services that a company should provide make it a point to ask about the safety measures they take while doing the job.


7. Insurance

It is also necessary to check if the service provider is properly insured.

Finding True Love On A Dating App (Story)


For a shy person like me, it’s not that common that I initiate a random conversation with a girl that I barley know, which happen that our paths cross every weekend on the coffee house in front of my building.

We had the same habit of having brunch by our self, enjoying the books we read that change titles every month.

If it wasn’t by an app that gives you the opportunity to talk to the encounter’s you missed for a reason or another, in my case by lack of courage, I would never meet the love of my life.

When I saw her profile on one of the best chat room apps I panicked then I gathered myself up and sent her a simple wink, after 8 hours she winked back to me, and that’s how it all began.

dating app We kept texting each other every night, for five weeks, in the mean while I stopped going to my weekend coffeehouse, No first date yet. It appeared that reading wasn’t our only common thing, we both love jogging, and cooking and we both can speak French.

Our first date was for brunch, in the same coffeehouse; things went smoothly we kept talking and lost track of time, It felt like I knew her for a long time ago the connection was extremely strong , two months later she confessed to me that she felt the same thing too on our first date.

Seven months after that her anniversary arrives, I got her a teddy bear, a perfume bottle “black opium” and the nicest diamond ring I could find in the city, and yes I proposed to her on her birthday. She said “OUI”, yes in French, and I couldn’t be happier.

She has been my world; she is the nicest person I know, I am deeply in love with her soul and I can’t imagine my life without her. This Sunday after 18 months since our first date is the big day. Sometimes i find it hard to believe that it’s all started by a simple wink in a dating app.

Top 10 Kitchen Design Tips By The Professionals


A kitchen is usually the most used room in the house, used not only for cooking or baking but for entertaining, doing homework, relaxing, and performing everyday tasks.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, so it is vital to choose a design which will enable efficient use, and be a pleasure to spend time in. A new kitchen design could be L-shaped, U-shaped, a galley kitchen, on include a central free-standing food preparation area, depending on the space available and your personal preferences.

For this article we teamed up with Kensington kitchen fitters to bring you the very best kitchen design tips from a company that has been designing and building kitchen for over two decades.


Taking a precise measurement of your entire kitchen area will be your first step. All measurements should be taken in millimeters; accuracy is vita, as errors made at this primary stage will have major knock on implications later in the design process.

Do not be limited by walls. Interior walls can be knocked through utilizing dead space in adjoining rooms. If you spend a lot of time hosting informal dinner parties, consider opening up the kitchen and dining area so you can prepare food and not feel isolated.

When measuring be sure to keep track of objects that are fixed, such as doors, pipes, windows, light switches, and outlets. In order to get the perfect design, you may have to alter where these objects are located. Consider simple things like reversing the door to make it open in the opposite direction. This is a minor and easy change but can be very beneficial in helping the traffic flow of the kitchen.


To continue with your planning, you should decide where the big kitchen appliances should be located first. You should first decide where you would prefer to place your stove, sink and refrigerator and then you can place other items accordingly. These three items are the key elements of the kitchen and should be placed in a way that allows efficient food preparation flow.

For further efficiency, it is best to place counter surfaces between the stove and the refrigerator. Placing counter surfaces on the sides of these items aids in the ease of preparing foods while placing the refrigerator close to an entrance can guide traffic away from your work area.


Upon planning out your new kitchen design, next, you can pick out what materials you will be using.

Landscape Gardening Guide – Hiring A Professional Tree Surgeon


How to find a Reliable Tree Surgeon

If you own a tree or have some on your property, you are personally responsible for their health and condition. They must be in a safe condition and not a danger to persons or any neighboring properties and as such should always have work carried out to them by a qualified removalist.

Tree Removalist is a risky business and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. There are many people out there that claim to be tree surgeons but have no qualifications or insurance to carry out works in a safe and controlled manner.

There is much more to the job than just having a chainsaw and a rope. If you want your trees to stay healthy, you will need the expert advice of a qualified arborist who understands their biology and how trees bear with each cut.


What Should Tree Removal Cost Me?

Size of the tree:

Red Oaks, Walnuts, Pine, Black Locust, Sugar Maple, American Ash and other hardwoods can grow up to a height of sixty to a hundred feet. These kinds of big trees will most likely cost you of about £500 and above for removing them, but will not exceed to £1,000.

Medium trees that grow up between thirty to sixty feet, like Black Gum, Black Alder, and Crabapple, will cost about £200 to £400 for cutting them down.

Smaller trees that reach thirty feet, like Black Mulberry, Dogwood, and Russian Olive, will cost £125 and above for cutting them down.

The obstructions:

When trees are in proximity to a building, electric wires, or other hazardous factors, it will require more physical exertion to remove them. This kind of circumstances imposes risk and difficulties; therefore the cost of removal will increase. Also, you need to contact your local utility line for an inspection during this course of action to ensure safety.


The team at the best tree surgeons in Northampton


The more sophisticated the equipment being used, the more likely their service is considered expensive.


There will be stump leaving behind after cutting down the trees. Most likely stump grinding that chops branches into pieces will be needed. Small stumps cost about £75, and large stumps cost about $169 to $300. Other trunks can be hauled or pulled away, putting them into a wood splitter and load them up. Some services charge to up to £350 for hauling away the logs. Chipping branches can also be done, with an equivalent cost of £65 to £150.

Usually, when you factor in the tips above, you’re going to find that you’re going to get a good idea of what it is going to cost. Your best bet is to call up at least three contractors and ask for a quote. What you’re going to find out is that most will give you a free quote. If they are going to charge you for an estimate, you’re going to want to go to someone else.

While tree removal is going to be costly for some, you’re going to want to make sure that you get the tree removed because it can cause more damage in the future


How To Remove Fleas On Dogs

Fleas on dogs are often an owners worse nightmare. In today’s article I wanted to provide you with some natural approaches on how to remove the little blighters safely and quickly.


Grooming – Most of the dogs’ fur can be combed with a flea comb so as to remove fleas. Take a fine-toothed flea comb where the teeth are especially closer together in comparison to the width of a flea.

Diet – A proper diet is also important in terms of keeping your dog healthy. Providing your pet with good nutritious food is important since at the same time it will reduce your dog’s susceptibility to fleas apart from a host of other benefits.

Bathing – Giving a bath to your dog is another natural flea control for dog treatment. It is also one of the most appropriate even during heavier infestations and will help to remove almost all of the fleas on your dog. Bathing is better than insecticides since the usage of shampoos, sprays, collars, flea powders and dips can be harmful for your pet.

Homeopathy – You can also use homeopathic treatment for your dog. Sometimes, it is seen that the fleas can get so deeply ingrained that even giving the best nutrition to your dog might not be enough. In such cases, a good homeopathic program will help in dealing with deeper imbalances which are often the underlying cause of the problem.

Rosemary flea dip – Try out this natural flea dip that can help you to deal with fleas naturally. In a pan, steep two cups of fresh rosemary for thirty minutes in boiling water. Discard the leaves after straining the liquid and add up to another gallon of warm water according to the size of your dog. Wait, till the liquid cools but don’t let it cool down altogether and pour over your dog until he/she is completely soaked. Dry your dog naturally.


Snow Removal Tips With Andy Devine

Snow can prove to be harmful and injurious to people’s health and can even lead to death.

Workable interventions should therefore be put in place to clear and remove snow before it causes havoc to animals and human lives.

snow removal

Removing snow is effectively powered by various tools and equipment to ensure they are contained.

Shoveling is a process of removing snow which is done after storm subsides. Snow can also be shoveled after every few inches to remove the layers of it. Snow removal spokane state that the shovel should be configured to involve lifting and pushing to ease snow removal.

To effectively drive away snow, it is important to use snow blowers to easily and effectively get rid of snow faster than any other available method. Despite the fact a snow blower might be more expensive, it successfully removes snow within a short time.

Salt is the best intervention which makes ice to dissolve easily. Therefore it is advisable to advisable to salt everything and everywhere in order to melt snow. Rock salt is the most effective for this job as they are accessible and cheap

Early preparation to counter snow is greatly advised in order to avoid being overwhelmed by massive snow falling and remove them with ease.

Carpet Cleaning 101

Good carpets are designed to last. However, for them to serve you for long, you need to care of them in the right manner. There are many benefits to vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis, as well as deep cleaning and removing stains.

The most essential one is that you extend your carpets life. Soil and dirt particles weaken carpet fibers, while regular cleaning gives the carpet a fresh look and goes a long way in improving the neatness of the room.

You also remove germs and allergens that can aggravate certain conditions, including asthma and allergies. Carpet shampoo and other detergents also improve the freshness of a room, making it smell better.


Grit and dirt damage the fiber of the carpet. Carpet sweepers can help remove surface dirt, but this is not enough. It is recommended that carpets be vacuumed at least once every week. This of course depends on the level of foot traffic. If you have pets or kids, you might need to vacuum often and deep clean your rugs using safe, non-toxic products. In addition, ensure that you empty the vacuum bags regularly.

Choosing A Vacuum Machine


Vacuum cleaning machines are not all equal. There are several factors you need to consider when buying one. The vacuum you choose should have dual motors, one motor takes care of suction while the other one comes with a beater to help loosen the dirt. Ensure that you get the correct brush height depending on your carpet and what you will be comfortable with. It is advisable to go for a beater bar, as this will loosen the dirt in your rugs better than a canister vacuum. Your vacuum should also have both a bottom and top loading bag. It is important to note that thick loop carpets can easily get damaged by vacuum brushes. Carpet manufacturers’ instructions needs to be followed. If your carpet is delicate, you can opt for a suction-only vacuum.

Deep Cleaning

Carpets ought to be deep cleaned using hot water extraction at least twice a year. Steam cleaning basically involves spraying a solution of water mixed with detergent onto your rugs and mats. Spraying should be done at high pressure for the best results. Most carpets will come with instructions on how to deep clean. This should be written on the warranty or instructions page.

Professional Carpet Cleaning


Image – Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning

You may lack the time and equipment to conduct a thorough cleaning on your carpet. Fortunately, you can take advantage of professional carpet cleaning. For starters, determine the type of services you need (furniture moving, stair cleaning, stain proofing or special treatment). If you have not used a professional cleaner before, seek recommendations from your friends.

Choose professionals who have been in the business for a reasonable period of time. Make sure the cleaning company carries liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Fire Safety

In today’s post I wanted to share a very important infographic concerning fire safety which is very close to my heart.

3 years ago this month, my younger brother Steve was killed in his sleep during a house fire.

Steve was a recovering alcoholic, who had been sober for 6 months prior to the fire. In the month leading up to this tragic event, Steve had fallen off the wagon due to a break up with his girlfriend.

He had been drinking heavily that evening and had fallen asleep with a chip pan on. The fire service had rescued Steve alive but he later passed away in hospital.

The following infographic has been provided by NW Fire Sprinklers Systems Of North Wales, who are currently running campaigns to raise awareness of fire safety.

Fire Safety Infographic

Andy Devine’s Ultimate Guide To Electric Razors!


As a work at home writer and journalist I’m the ultimate culprit for going weeks and weeks without shaving.

I often look at myself in the mirror in disgust at how shabby I look due to my unkempt beard!

For a man that is not particularly fussed about his appearance, I must say this is one of my pet hates.

A few months I set myself a new challenge firstly to go out and buy the very best electric razor money could buy and secondly use it on a regular basis!

I can proudly report that I have been keeping up with both!

Instead of sharing pictures of my very shiny, shaved face I thought I’d use my new found shaving knowledge to report on the very best shavers of 2016.


1. Braun series 7 799cc

This electric razor has the best features, first, its head is designed in such a way that it reaches all parts of the face like jaw-line and neck. The blade is also sharp such that it can provide the closest shave and it produces 10,000 micro vibrations per minute that makes it very comfortable.

The current price of this electric razor is: $208 (in Amazon)

2. Braun series 9 9095cc

First the shaver is covered with shiny chrome plastic which makes it cool. Some of the features of this electric razor include; It contains an extra trimmer known as direct and cut which helps to align the hair which grows in different directions then cut them out. It also has an Hyper Lift Trimmer which cuts out flat hairs.

Its price currently in the market is: $293.22 (in Amazon)

3. Panasonic Arc 5

This shaver is folic in nature, it is a Japanese brand and is of the best quality. This shaver has 5 blades which enables it to make the closest shave. It also has an LED panel which keeps the user up to date with the battery life, it comes with a cleaning and charging dock. It is the best electric razor for people with heavy beard.

It price currently on Amazon is; $204.65

4. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

This is a rotary shaver and has three heads which moves in three dimensions: upwards and downwards, tilt and it can also spin. It is a comfortable shaver which sticks on the skin and moves smoothly on the face.

Its price currently on Amazon is: $189.99

5 Ways To Save On Electricity Bills Without Turning Off The AC

Summer months can really get uncomfortable especially with the temperatures rising to the 90s.

Most people turn to the air conditioners for the cooling effect but the high electricity bill is a thorn in the flesh.

You are either left to suffer in the heat or dig deeper in your pocket or are you?

Here are the 5 ways to save on electricity bills without turning off the AC

1. Keep the filters clean

According to industry experts Snowman ducted heating installation Melbourne, make a point of cleaning your filters every once a month to avoid dust and sludge to cover them and reduce their effectiveness.

2. Keep the oven off

It may seem obvious but using an oven can increase the temperatures in your room.

3. Avoid putting hot food in the fridge

Stop putting sizzling hot food in the fridge as they may cause the fridge to go into overdrive and your bill to skyrocket.

4. Increase the temperature on the AC to a few degrees

The lower the temperatures of the act, the higher the bills.

5. Seal the window panes and doors

Avoid any openings on the doors and windows to concentrate the cooling effect inside the house.